Til Shiloh Album Celebrates 25th year Anniversary

The Sound of VinylGRAMMY WINNER, multiple Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping artist and, international reggae legend, Buju Banton celebrates 25 years of greatness releasing his ‘Til Shiloh 25th Anniversary LP, out today.

The collector’s edition of this special body of work will include the original recordings of the critically acclaimed album, plus three new bonus tracks mixed by Buju Banton, exclusively. “Not An Easy Road”, “Wanna Be Loved” are remixes from the 1995 debut, and “Come Inna The Dance”, a new track that he initially recorded but didn’t make the original album.

As a surprise for the fans, Buju is releasing new YouTube remastered videos.

Buju Banton 'Upside Down 2020' Album Announcement and "Blessed" Stream |  HYPEBEASTBuju Banton, the innovator and global icon himself shows much gratitude, with a short but satisfying memory:  “The 25th anniversary of ‘Til Shiloh’ is rather epic, it displays the culmination of 25 years of work, which proves and stands the test of time; undeniably so.

“I am so happy and proud that I was able to tap into my creative consciousness, to create such a body of work that can still represent itself to the world today.”

Classic album

One of the most successful Reggae albums of all time, the RIAA gold-certified album, “‘Til Shiloh”represents Buju’s focus and exploration of his faith and the transcendent journey through music.

Exploring Banton’s Rastafarian faith on records such as, ‘Til I’m Laid to Rest, Untold Stories, Not An Easy Road, fan favorites Murderer, Champion, and Wanna Be Loved— legendary producer Donovan Germain remembers the massive global cultural moment “‘Til Shiloh” had upon release, stating:

“I can recall the global impact and the astonishment on the faces of his fans the first time hearing tracks like “Untold Stories”, “Not An Easy Road”.

“The audience would stand in amazement listening with no movement, no reaction as they were not familiar with “this Buju”.

“Familiar with dancehall Buju, the audience was now being introduced to Rastafarian Buju. Six months later after the release of ‘Til Shiloh’ I recall having to be police escorted to venues and from airports based on the global impact of this album.

“The transition Buju made impacted a generation and we were seeing it right before our eyes”.

EvenFounder of Loose Cannon Records, Lisa Cortés, who signed Banton to her label and released this pivotal work warmly speaks about “‘Til Shiloh “, recalling:

“‘Til Shiloh was a complete shift from the sound and vocal style of Buju’s previous album, Voice of Jamaica.

“I remember when I first heard his raspy vocal singing the intro “Strange this feeling, I”m feeling…” I knew this album was going to expand our knowledge of Buju and his growth as an artist and individual.

“As true artists do, Buju had followed an introspective path and through this album found a means to share his testimony.”

Most recently celebrating his 2020 Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album for “Upside Down 2020”, Buju’s first full-length studio album in a decade – the album was a victory lap celebrated globally.

Appearing in the history-making Long Walk to Freedom Concert, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Buju Banton continues his run as “one of Jamaica’s biggest contemporary stars.

Source: Buju Banton’s ‘Til Shiloh album celebrates 25th anniversary – Voice Online

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