Quada Gets Candid About His Recent Arrest And Being Signed To Popcaan’s Label

Image result for quadaDancehall artiste, Quada, joined The Fix for an in-depth interview where he spoke on his rise to fame in the music industry, his association with veteran entertainer, Popcaan, and his recent arrest.

Fans of the artiste and subscribers to The Fix were intrigued by Quada’s story of how he started on the music scene. The Pain deejay opened up about the influence Popcaan had on him from a young age and how much his guidance has molded him into the artiste he is today.

“There’s no other artiste inna Jamaica wha mi look up to, like how mi look up to Papi.”

Quada became a member of the Unruly Camp when Popcaan signed him in 2018 and has since recorded numerous singles with his idol, including Unruly Camp and Billion Pree. The young talent had caught Popcaan’s attention at a 2016 staging of Unruly Clash Wednesdays because of his lyrical prowess and clear potential.

Now one of the trending male entertainers on the island, with songs like Innocent Youth and Tint, Quada is grateful for the opportunity he’s been given. He attributed some of his success to his musical chemistry with studio producers like Dunw3ll but highlighted that he had to motivate himself in the beginning when his dream seemed unattainable.

He also let the hosts in on his struggles endured during childhood, which include losing his mother to an illness and his brother to violent circumstances. It’s painful situations like these that Quada has injected into his music, one of the most recent being his late 2019 arrest.

Quada was arrested and charged with murder and arson in relation to the 2019 murder of Miguel Clarke who had raped and killed 8-year-old Shantae Skyers. He was then granted bail of $500,000 on January 17, 2020.

Image result for quadaThe news was highly publicized and it would seem that the entertainer’s career was going under at this point. However, with the release of his single, Pain, shortly after he was granted bail, it was evident he was far from giving up.

Commenting on the incident, Quada continues to declare his innocence in the matter, noting that he has chosen to remain optimistic and express his emotions through his music.

“That’s my therapy right now, Music.”

Thanking his fans for their support, especially while he was in jail, Quada shone light on his upcoming album, set to be released in 2020, as well as, his website, which is currently in the works.

The Hail deejay ended the interview on the same positive note on which he began. Identifying himself as a visionary, he made known his plans to surpass expectations and expand his career. In the words of Quada, “Stay tuned, it’s gonna be crazy. Mi jus a put in di work bredda.”

Source: Quada Gets Candid About His Recent Arrest And Being Signed To Popcaan’s Label – DancehallMag

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