D’Angel Claim She’s One Of The Best Performers In Dancehall

D'AngelD’Angel says she is one of the best onstage performers in Dancehall.

The ‘First Lady of Dancehall’ says she is one of the best live performers in the business right now despite not getting the plaudits she deserves.

D’Angel made the claims after an impressive performance at the recently staged Ghetto Splash, which was held at the Drewsland mini stadium in Kingston.

The “No Worries” deejay delivered a strong set, rubbishing claims that she lacks the ability to control or move a crowd.

“Anybody weh talk so, dem a lady a dancehall liad, dem a music liad. A so we deal wid dem, we turn the non-believers into believers. Some a dem see di things dem a gwaan like dem blind, deaf and dumb, but Angel a wake dem up, me a open dem eye,” D’Angel proclaimed.

“Me have a catalogue weh speaks for itself and plus me a di baddest pan stage, so who wah vex, vex,” she went on to declare.

Image result for d'angel,"Despite feeling underrated D’Angel says she has never allowed this to undermine her ability to deliver to her core fans who continue to appreciate her music.

“A so it go. Christ walk the earth and heal the sick and raise the dead and dem still never give him his ratings. I do music for the people and if a five a dem see the works, den me give thanks. This industry is designed to suppress people and the lady of dancehall will not be suppressed. Me nuh care who wah rate me, as long as my music a resonate wid some, me good wid dat,” she said.

Source: D’Angel Claim She’s One Of The Best Performers In Dancehall – The Tropixs

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