‘I Did The Right Thing’ … Matterhorn Said He Could Have Responded To Alkaline’s Diss With Kartel Songs

Veteran dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn said he could have easily returned the lyrical blows and ‘diss’ thrown at him by Alkaline on the weekend but decided to be the bigger man.”Sometimes you just have to clutch and quell a situation instead of escalating it. He (Alkaline) was up in his feelings so yuh just have to low him to vent,” Matterhorn said.Following the playing of a Vybz Kartel song, Highest Level, the ‘Vedetta Boss’ and a few members of his entourage stepped in and yanked the microphone from Matterhorn before hurling a string of insults at him.Matterhorn said that Alkaline clearly set out to “violate” Kartel but used him as the scapegoat.Kartel’s Highest Level has the line “None a dem nuh deh pon wi level”.The incident took place at Club Euro in Fort Lauderdale in Florida on Friday, where a birthday celebration was being held for Alkaline. The artiste was celebrating his 24th birthday.“Know weh yah do enuh, badness it name,” Alkaline said. “Doh gwan like you wan style the thing because mi can style the thing too, but fi the love of mi fans mi nah guh do that, but yah p….Y fi dat weh yuh just do.”After the incident, Matterhorn used Instagram to give his version of what took place. He said that he was merely at the microphone and was not responsible for playing the song. He also said that Alkaline’s behaviour was out of line but he refused to allow the situation to escalate.“Wisdom teaches all enuh and the older yuh become the more knowledge yuh get. So me rather unuh say Alkaline style Matterhorn than unuh say Alkaline and him friend dem ‘mess’ up Alkaline, big man ting,” he said.Matterhorn said that he could have responded Bad We Bad but he knew that would not have been wise since it could have led to physical confrontations.”Me did the right thing,” he said. “Me proud a how me handle the situation knowing how bad me is,” he added.Matterhorn said that he was at a Kartel show and he played Alkaline’s Champion Boy, which indicates that the music is better than everyone.

Source: ‘I did the right thing’ … Matterhorn said he could have responded to Alkaline’s diss with Kartel songs | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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