Louie Ranking Death: GoFundMe Account Setup For His Kids & Funeral

Funeral arrangements for the late Leonard Forbes famously known as Louie Rankin appear to be a burden his family member can’t bare alone. On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, a GoFundMe account to neutralize funeral expenses for Rankin surfaced, leaving many with questions.

Initially, when the GoFundMe account was created, people were speculating about the authenticity of the account. However, Urban Islandz received a direct email from GoFundme’s Communications Manager, confirming the authenticity of the account. At the time of this publication, $11,600 of the $30,000 goal was already reached.

Creator of the GoFundMe account Julie Skyes, Rankin’s partner, said that the account was set up by family and friends to support his daughters and to cover funeral arrangements. The account, Trust for Louie Rankin children, is aimed at reaching US$30,000 and “can only be accessed for specific things.”

The description on the GoFundMe account read: “On September 30, 2019, Louie’ OX’ Rankin passed away suddenly in a car crash. He was a legendary dancehall artist and actor. Rankin is known for his roles in iconic films Belly and Shottas and his hit song “Typewriter.” He was also a father, son, and brother to a very large family. His youngest children are 1-year-old twin girls, a 3-year-old girl, and 2 step-children aged 8 and 11. He had a huge heart and was always looking out for everyone else.”

The description continued to say: “Louie would want his children to continue a good life and have a good education. At this time, we are asking for support with funeral expenses and for his youngest children’s future. Even if you just share to help keep his memory alive.”

To date (October 6, 2019), the page has raised US$11,670, which was contributed by 28 donors looking to keep Louie Rankin’s legacy alive.

Source: Louie Ranking Death: GoFundMe Account Setup For His Kids & Funeral – Urban Islandz

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