Konshens Reacts Viral Photos Of Mackerel & New Dancehall Artiste Lover

Konshens is the latest entertainer to react to Mackerel finding love with Dancehall newcomer RT Boss.

The ‘Mackerilians’ made headlines earlier this month after photos of the two kissing on a date surfaced on social media. The viral image instantly got the attention of Konshens who jokingly said it was him before we found out about RT Boss.

“Shit!!! who leaked our photo,” Konshens wrote in the comments.

Since then RT Boss has been professing his love for Mackerel and refuting claims that their relationship is a publicity stunt.

Speaking on their relationship, the spiritual adviser-turned-recording artiste said he has been romantically involved with the “Tek People Man” star since May.

The two met after Mackerel contacted his company for a psychic reading. RT Boss said he foresaw her travelling to Canada, and she called to express her gratitude after travelling to the country.

However despite being 13 years older than Mackerel, the “Global Boom” deejay said age is just a number and won’t affect their relationship, in fact RT Boss has already met her son.

“There’s a beauty within Mackerel that I see, and I want Jamaica to see,” RT Boss told The Star. “So I come at the forefront to let the world know that you can’t judge Mackerel because of her character and what she shows the world. She’s a nice girl – accept her, show her love.”

Source: Konshens Reacts Viral Photos Of Mackerel & New Dancehall Artiste Lover | The Tropixs

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