Chronixx Sponsored Summer Coding For High School Kids

Chronixx Takes On Nzinga King's Cause - DancehallMagChronixx is bringing a summer tech program targeted at high schoolers from 3rd-5th form to teach them coding. The artist is collaborating with the founder of AddisCoders/JamCoders, Jelani Nelson, who is an Ethiopian immigrant raised in the United States.

According to the JamCoders website, the idea for the Jamaican training was proposed by Chronixx, whose real name is Jamar McNaughton, and the Chronixx team.

The group had approached him after reading about a successful AddisCoder program in Ethiopia which has seen at least one young man being admitted to Harvard University, one of the top universities in the world.

The site says that Chronixx made a generous founding donation to support the creation of the program.

“We thank Chronixx for his vision and generosity”.

Chronixx on Soul Circle's First Signee, New Music, Fatherhood - Rolling  StoneMeanwhile, JamCoders has begun calling on Jamaican students to apply for the program, which has a deadline of May 14, 2022. The program is being held in July and will last for four weeks. For those who need it, the program said it is offering free dormitory rooms and meals for all student participants and encouraging applications from across Jamaica.

“We are looking for students who have excelled academically in their schools, especially in mathematics and related subjects; no programming experience is required to apply,” JamCoders said.

Chronixx on the growing popularity of reggae in pop music, his debut album  and Arsenal | The Independent | The IndependentMeanwhile, a number of teaching assistants have applied for the program, which provides return flights and housing for those interested in teaching the youngsters but are not from Jamaica. A poster showing the teaching assistants reveal a wide representation of people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Some of the scholars are from Harvard, Google, UWI Mona, Standford, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, and DAIR Institute, among others.

According to AddisCoder Inc., it is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization (Federal EIN: 83-2581871) and welcomes donations from individuals.

Source: Chronixx Sponsored Summer Coding Camp At UWI For High School Kids – Urban Islandz

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