Lisa Hyper Drops “Female Empowerment” Song

Iconic female dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper returns with an uplifting track for the females. Finnish records (based in St. John’s, Antigua) teamed up with Lisa Hyper for the uplifting track, the song is currently available on Crush Road Dancehall Entertainment youtube channel.

The upbeat riddim is produced by Finnish records head and lead producer MC (Mika Mage), who is a Caucasian Finnish/American dual-citizen medical student at the American University of Antigua as well.

Image result for Lisa HyperSOME LYRICS “One time fi the gal dem weh a hustle like me, weh a work fi di good life cause it nuh more than we.. mi feel fi a shrimp pasta, tired a bun and cheese… if i can then you can call this Female Empowerment”.

Listen to the full song below

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