Spice Gets Love From Cardi B, Sparks Collaboration Rumours

American rapper Cardi B sent out some love to Spice on Instagram Tuesday.

The Dancehall entertainer, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star uploaded an image from her recent photoshoot, which got the attention of Cardi.

“I love [heart emoji] Poppin,” Cardi B wrote in the comments. Spice responded with the “Money” rapper’s catchphrase ‘Okurrr’ along with a slew of blue hearts.

The exchange sparked rumours that the two could be working on a new collaboration together, “I love how Cardi B and Spice have been supporting each other recently i can smell a new collaboration in the works,” one fan wrote.

Image result for Spice Cardi B“Hmmmm i’m here for the women empowerment right here, we need a collab please,” another added.

In 2017, Bardi revealed that she has been listening to the “Queen of Dancehall” tracks for years when they met at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Fillmore, Miami Beach.

Earlier this year Spice uploaded some throwback videos while participating in the viral 10-year challenge and Cardi B slid in the comment sections to share that “Fight Over Man” was her all time favourite song from the deejay.

“I know fight over man by heart,” Cardi B wrote.

Spice later responded saying, “I believe you… That’s facts i never forget when i met you and you sang “rude boy love” i didn’t even remember that song.”

Source: Spice Gets Love From Cardi B, Sparks Collaboration Rumours | The Tropixs

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