Did Mavado Diss Vybz Kartel In His New Song “Fresh Paint” ?

Vybz Kartel and MavadoMavado seemingly diss Vybz Kartel in his new song “Fresh Paint.”

The Gullyside singjay released a new track this week titled “Fresh Paint,” and already it’s creating waves in dancehall. Some fans are suggesting that Mavado may have dissed his arch nemesis Vybz Kartel in the track. Urban Islandz reached out to sources inside the Gully camp who told us that the song is not a diss track, but some of the lyrics may be saying otherwise.

“We no see them alien looking man deh the Gully/MVP a lead them and now them a try grasp for straws to get some relevancy,” sources told us.

A piece of the lyrics that some fans are zooming in on is when Mavado suggest that some other artists are in his style and “what’s a king to a God. “The pu**y them still a dream / From off a my style mek them a nyam like a duck / If the truth would be told / Them would a chat how me lick them meds like a truck / What’s a King to a God / Yuh no see it say everything turn to gold when me touch,” Vado sings

Source: Did Mavado Diss Vybz Kartel In His New Song “Fresh Paint” ? – Urban Islandz

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