STAR Of The Month: Spice Encourages Up-And-Coming Artistes To Stay Independent

Image result for spice in dancehallThe bad blood between Spice and VP Records has been splattered across the media during the past year, especially following the release of her Captured mixtape in October.

The deejay signed a five-album deal with the international label in 2009, the same year her career catapulted with the raunchy, controversial collaboration, Ramping Shop, featuring Vybz Kartel. A decade later, the label has not released any albums from the deejay, and Spice has been distributing her music through her label, Spice Official Entertainment.

Her biggest lesson, be independent.

“I would advise any upcoming artiste not to rush and sign any contract, because at the end of the day, I think I’ve been my own record company for over a decade. It is always better when you are independent, unless you are going to sign to a major company like Atlantic Records or someone who has it financially to facilitate your music more than you,” Spice told THE STAR.

Image result for spice in dancehallThe deejay recognizes that this may be easier said than done for acts who are not yet established, and thus recommends seeking a myriad of legal aid.

“I would advise you to get three separate lawyers and hear what they are saying without each of them knowing each other,” she said. “You can’t put your trust in one person and you can’t put your eggs in one basket, and that is where I went wrong. I had a lawyer look over my contract; 80 per cent of these lawyers will say it is OK because they want to collect their money, so it’s not all legal teams that will have your back and guide you correctly.”

She also said that her former manager reviewed her contract and approved it.

As for how she plans on getting out of the contract?

“A good lawyer and some money,” Spice said. “I think VP is playing a big role in the dampening of my career. Even getting a collaboration (with Cardi B or Nicki Minaj) would have to be cleared by VP. Somehow they make me feel like someone has either blacklisted me or someone probably pay them to hold down my career, because with me at the top, why would you not want to put out an album with me? The only way I can come out of it is I have to take them to court and sue them for not putting out the album.”

Source: STAR of the Month: Spice encourages up-and-coming artistes to stay independent | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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