Sizzla Looking For Grammy Nod With Next Album

Image result for sizzla in dancehallDespite releasing close to 80 studio albums, reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji has only received one Grammy nomination.

The entertainer is, however, hoping to increase that number by adding another Grammy nod to his belt next year. According to the artiste’s producer and engineer, Richard ‘Breadback’ Bramwell, Sizzla is putting the final touches on an album slated for release in March, and the artiste has his sights set on the Grammy Awards.

“We’ve been putting out quality work over the years, and so this album won’t be any different. The only difference with this one is that we want it to go all the way, and we’re putting in extra work to make it happen. When I say all the way I’m talking about the Grammys,” he said pointing out that fans can expect the artiste to spew out knowledge in his songs. “We want to put back reggae on top the kind of music weh teach yuh lessons because the music a go always need dat. So, expect original authentic Sizzla, real culture music, nothing weh yuh affi go bleep out or anything just songs with messages of love and unity.”

Image result for sizzla in concertBONUS TRACK

Breadback says the album, Victory, will have a total of 17 songs, one of which will be a bonus track that will serve as a thank you to fans, who have been supporting the music over the years. “There will be 16 tracks officially, and a bonus track just because we love the fans and wanted to give them something extra. All the songs were produced by me, and will reflect what Sizzla and I are hoping to achieve with the compilation,” he said explaining the album title. “Him have a song on it where him talking about Jah Jah giving him victory over the heathen, and that’s why we call it Victory. We’re going to be victorious with this album. We a go achieve everything we want to achieve with this work the Grammy, the lessons we hope to teach, everything.”

Elaborating on the artiste’s Grammy aspirations, the producer said the latter is one of the reasons he has already begun pushing the album. “The album nah go release until the second week of March, but great things are in store so we start the promotion already. Me inna di promotion stage right now and me a give the album enough time so the public can get used to it. We feel like the album has what it takes. Everybody weh work pan the album wid we either have a Grammy or a Grammy nomination, so anuh joke thing we a deal wid.”

Aside from Victory, other tracks on the album will include, Thank You Jah Jah, Marijuana, Blaze it Now, and Nothing Nuh Come Easy.

Source: Sizzla looking for Grammy nod with next album | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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