Spice Shares Why She Won’t Stop Doing Slack Songs

Image result for dancehall artist spice in new york citySpice has sought to address critics who say she only records raunchy music.

Speaking with her fans on ‘Genie Saturdays’ via Instagram live all the way in Toulouse, France, the Dancehall deejay says over the years she has released positive music however only her ‘pum pum’ tracks became hits and make her money.

“Mi sing so much songs without pum pum and unuh doah look pan it,” Spice said during the IG live video, “I single a lot of songs that’s not talking about pum pum but the thing is when i do sing about pum pum a dem song deh buss because a dem song deh unuh like,” she added before singing her chart-topping single “So Mi Like It.”

Related image“Ah dat mek mi mek the most money inna life mi nah ask yo… Mi wan find back another skin out song,” she added.

“So Mi Like It” is Spice’s biggest solo single with over 81 million views on YouTube. The raunchy track was produced by NotNice Production.

Watch a snippet from Spice’s Instagram live video below.

Source: Spice Shares Why She Won’t Stop Doing Slack Songs | The Tropixs

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