Cham For My Money! Spice Names Her Ideal Jamaican Performer

Image result for dancehall artist spice in new york citySpice names her ideal Jamaican performer

Say the name Spice and the title ‘queen of stage’ is almost sure to follow. The dancehall star is known for her extravagant stage entrances, elaborate props, custom-made costumes and engaging, jaw-dropping and oftentimes comedic performances.

But which Jamaican artiste would the ‘queen of stage’ pay to see perform?

“Baby Cham. I’ve been a fan since I was a child and he is the person who is responsible for my break in the music business, with Dave Kelly, for my 2003 song Fight Ova Man ,” she told The STAR.

“I would pay my money to go and watch him because I know that he is going to execute very professionally and effortlessly, and I know that I would learn something ’cause he is a great stage performer.

He knows when he is off-key and on-key. He knows the rhythm and the beat and how to go with the flow he knows everything about the music business.”

Spice credits her own stage craft abilities to time spent in the performing arts while at St Catherine High School and Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

“I’ve been performing since I was three; I used to enter the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Festival [competition] and I won a lot of gold medals when I was in high school. I grew up being that creative-minded person when it comes to the stage and performing school has moulded me and shaped me into the performer I am today,” he said.

Related imageAs for her influences, she cites former dancehall deejay Lady Saw, now Minister Marion Hall, and Professor Nuts.

“I was a huge fan of Lady Saw coming up into the business, so even coming up, people used to compare me to her and seh ‘You’re the next Lady Saw’, because I was a fan of her,” she said. “I was a fan of Professor Nuts as well and if you notice some of his style and how he deejays and tells stories, that’s where I got the idea to do Jim Screechie. My father was a fan of Professor Nuts and he used to play pure Professor Nuts’ songs, so I know them from heart.”

Source: Cham for my money! Spice names her ideal Jamaican performer | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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