Popcaan Angrily Attacked A Man On Stage In The UK For Doing This

Popcaan performancePopcaan almost went berserk on a man during a recent performance in the UK.

Popcaan performed last week Friday at the Manchester Academy to a sold-out crowd, but one incident on stage almost brought the show to a halt. In the middle of his set, a man walked up to Popcaan and approached him from behind and whispered something in his ear. That move would prove to be a big mistake for the unnamed man who the Unruly Boss pushed away and ran him off the stage.

The video clip below shows the man leaving the stage embarrassed as Popcaan continued his set. The look on the dancehall star’s face after the incident says it all.

Sources told us that the mystery man is a member of the production team who was likely telling Popcaan to end his set soon. We’re told that the deejay was angry about the approach which he felt was disrespectful. In the clip, you can see the gentleman walking up behind Poppy and putting his hands around the deejay.

Popcaan is currently mourning the death of his close friend Unruly Shagel, who was stabbed to death in an apparent home invasion at the deejay’s mansion in Kingston.

Source: Popcaan Angrily Attacked A Man On Stage In The UK For Doing This – Urban Islandz

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