Meet The Woman Behind Agent Sasco Who Stays ‘Winning’

I THINK the saying goes: “Behind every strong man is a stronger woman.”

This could well be the case with Agent Sasco and his wife, Nicole McLaren Campbell. After having the pleasure of speaking to the success coach for 20 minutes, I may be convinced of that notion.

Nicole – the entrepreneur, educator, professional speaker and author – could also easily take writing credit on her husband’s 2018 hit single Winning Right Now.

During our conversation she told me how she requested that song: “I went to him one day and told him that I want to hear a song about winning – something that makes me feel good. I want a song that when I win I can celebrate with it – but also if I lose, when I hear it I feel better.”

She continues to explain that it’s about “winning right now”, as the song says. “Too many times we put off our winning – ‘When I get married I’ll be winning’, ‘When I lose 20lbs I’ll be winning’ – no, we are winning right now,” she says defiantly.

Nicole struck me as a new model version of the type of women I grew up around. No matter what the issue was they kept on going and made the very best of what was available for their families.

Gone are the domestic duties and heavy loads, they are armed with education and understanding of the world they battle through and grow their family.

She has been on a mission of spreading this self-belief on her Women Winning Right Now tour. With successful summits having already taken place in Miami and Toronto, Nicole tells me that she already started packing for the UK four weeks ago!

“The UK is our third stop and we are really excited,” she says, and you can clearly sense the anticipation in her voice. We have connected great women together who have gone on to do business together. The summit is about planting a seed and giving them tools to maximise their potential.”

Empowering people has been a lifelong passion for Nicole. She tells me that she recently found some footage of her on Nickelodeon TV at the age of 14.

“I got the chills when I saw myself say that I have a vision of talking to audiences and people to help them realise their potential.”

The vision she had manifested has taken shape in many forms. She became an intern maths tutor at only 15 years old. Currently her day job is working with parents and students to chart their path and achieve scholarships, but her passion is Women Winning Now, and she wants to get the message across that everyone can help themselves and this is how it is done.

It does seem as though the McLaren-Campbell family wins from the positive boost of energy that Nicole displays. If you follow either her or Jeffrey (as she refers the man we know as Agent Sasco) online you will see them and their three charismatic kids give too much joke!

“Joshua, Lauren and Ali make sure there is never a dull mo- ment,” she says. “The worst is when Lauren and Joshua play the ‘Nicky and Jeffrey’ game. You don’t realise that they know and analyse you so much. It’s absolutely hilarious.”

I told her that it all plays out online, and even though I’m very critical about how much we show our kids online, I do enjoy watching their family endeavours, as it’s something that others may aspire to.

“This is something that happens already. I regularly get messages from young men and women that are not married or even out of high school, saying that they are encouraged by our family.”

She adds that “family life is something that I am passionate about as I do believe it builds a society”. Personally, I’ve always felt like I was able to motivate myself. I’ve never felt I was that person that needed a coach in my ear to get me going.
Even during my weight-loss phase I never thought about a personal trainer, so people like Nicole were quite foreign to me, but after our call I was gutted the event was for women only!

You can tell Nicole believes in her path in life, as it’s hard to get her to stop talking – she just keeps going. Her dad used to play the “who can be the quietest” game, she tells me, to silence her. “I have chatting on lock,” she confidentially brags.

Well I hope she doesn’t mind sharing the stage at the Women Winning Now summit as her big sister Rachel Christian, who is a health coach, and happiness coach Rochelle Gapere will be joining her in the UK to spread that positive, healthy, happy vibe… for women!

The Summit takes place on Saturday, November 10 at The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel. For more information, please visit

Source: Meet the woman behind Agent Sasco who stays ‘winning’ | The Voice Online

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