‘I’m Just Doing Me’ – Macka Diamond Defends Her Raunchy Songs

If anyone is having an issue with Macka Diamond’s latest raunchy single, the entertainer could not care less. Macka Diamond has never shied away from songs of a sexual nature, even if some listeners are opposed to her singing certain songs at this stage of her career.

In her latest song GPS, she advocates for women who possess the ‘stress free’ goods. In the song, GPS stands for ‘Good P***y Without No Stress’.

“I don’t care about what people say. I’m doing me. A lot of men tell me I’m sexy and still looking great for my age so it’s all good,” she said.

The song has been garnering some attention as it speaks to women who not only ooze sex appeal, but have the ability to keep their men engaged while remaining unbothered by any difficulty they may encounter in their relationship.


The track was released more than a week ago and has been making the rounds on social media with the females in particular taking quite a liking to the message.

Macka Diamond has never shied away from songs of a sexual nature.

She told THE STAR that as a dancehall entertainer, songs of a raunchy nature come with the territory and she will stay true to her craft until she calls it quits on her career.

She has expressed in several interviews over the years that she is unbothered by critics who believe she should ‘slow her roll’ because of her age and as she promotes GPS, that position has not changed.

“I’m always happy with myself and thank God for keeping me beautiful and my GPS is in good working condition,” she told THE STAR.

Macka Diamond believes she may have found another female anthem.

“Right away when I heard it, I immediately thought it would be a song that the ladies are going to love. It’s different and all I had to do to deliver it was put myself into a fan’s shoe and think how they’d react and just did my thing,” she said. “I also loved the idea and me can sing the song for and about myself, so I knew the ladies would love it too. I’m excited about it and what it will do.”

According to her, the song has already become a favourite among women.

“The people dem a go mad. I did an interview with a UK radio station live on Facebook last week and the live did a go crazy. FB did a blow up so I’m getting crazy love on the track,” she said.

Source: ‘I’m just doing me’ – Macka Diamond defends her raunchy songs | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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