Vybz Kartel Responds To Wendy Williams Dissing His Son

Vybz Kartel is slamming Wendy Williams over the comments she made about his teenage son earlier this week.

During Tuesday’s episode of the Wendy Williams show, the popular television host/actress spoke Vybz Kartel and his son bleaching their skin while addressing Spice’s light skin viral photo.

“That’s some serious self-hate mayne,” Wendy said while looking at a photo of Likkle Vybz during her ‘Hot Topics’ segment.

While Vybz Kartel’s Instagram account has been surprisingly mum on Williams’ comments, his Facebook page dropped a slew of posts trashing the outspoken personality.

In one post Vybz Kartel pointed out that Wendy Williams also bleached her skin, “Self hate she seh? DWBCL The Wendy Williams Show .. Why you bleaching shape out better than you.”

In another post the “Fever” deejay took aim at Williams’ shape, “Worry bout the Carpenter’s who nail up your thighs to your Chest and low people business.. .a** look like when concrete mix UNDA WATA…. DUTTY ANGELA .. Smfh mirror broke hon? A wah hold you fi use mi Hood box you up..”

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Source: Vybz Kartel Responds To Wendy Williams Dissing His Son | The Tropixs

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