Unesco Values Reggae Subscription As Intangible Heritage

Image result for reggae unesco submissionKingston, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) Jamaica will know in Novembar if its efforts to register reggae, the island”s indigenous musical genre, on the List of Representatives of Unesco”s Intangible Cultural Heritage paid off, reported on Wednesday the local press.
‘We are waiting for the results and it will be a great achievement for Jamaica if we succeed in winning the designation declared by Unesco,’ said the Minister of Culture, Entertainment, Gender and Sports of the Caribbean island, Olivia Grange.

Thus she announced that technical experts from Unesco examine the presentation of reggae and set the next month to give the results.

The Jamaican official spoke at a recent joint press conference with the Ministry of Tourism to launch Carnival 2019 in the country, scheduled for April 23.

Grange added that her ministry was entrusted with establishing an inventory of Jamaica’s exclusive intangible heritage, ‘which is also one of the criteria’ demanded by Unesco.

Regarding the designation of certain areas of the island as entertainment areas, the minister informed that a list of locations will soon be available, which will include Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine, in the initial stages.

Meanwhile, Grange said that the collaboration between the ministries for the organization of the carnival ‘is essential if we want to create a more authentic tourist experience.’

Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, said he wants to ‘build the Carnival in Jamaica to make it more remarkable for both visitors and locals.’

Finally Bartlett pointed out that the Linkages Network Sports and Entertainment Network of the Ministry of Tourism has already identified some products to market Jamaica as an entertainment destination.

Source: Unesco Values Reggae Subscription as Intangible Heritage

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