Popcaan Fires Back At Denyque With New “Melon” Song

Popcaan DenyquePopcaan responds to Denyque with a new song, “she married but she still want tek f***, mi say why not”

Dancehall artiste Popcaan is not letting the watermelon diss slide as he teased a new song on Tuesday, seemingly capitalizing on the unsavory attention he has been receiving lately.

The dancehall space has seen a new fad as the fruit watermelon suddenly appears to be a metaphor that symbolizes oral sex. Jamaican men have long decided that eating a banana by placing it directly in the mouth is improper, and it seems that watermelons are picking up the same reputation thanks to the recent spat between Popcaan and Denyque.

Denyque recently posted herself dancing to her sultry, sexy single “BMAY,” which insists that anything that happens between her and another person has to stay between them. The shirt said Popcaan was ‘somebody’s son’ while the watermelon he was munching on was “me,” referring to herself.

Denyque Slams Popcaan For Telling 'Me S*ck My Mada' - Urban IslandzThe shirt caused Popcaan to curse out the “Super Girl” artist with one of the nastiest remarks. However, Denyque has insisted that it was just a shirt. It seems that Popcaan is capitalizing on the publicity he has received from the watermelon-eating drama and is teasing a song of his own that disses Denyque.

On Tuesday, the artiste posted a video of him in the studio where he is seen whining up on a leather chair. However, the song uses watermelon-eating as a metaphor for him receiving oral sex.

“You ah mi gogo, you ah mi stripper b**ch… whine like a gogo… bad b**ch mi freak, eat mi c**ky like a melon, big dutty tinking freak, ah you head yuh fi a guh pan,” the artiste is heard singing.’

Some fans believe that the song is a diss track for Denyque as it seems to speak directly to a married woman whom he is propositioning sexually.

“Long time yuh man don’t f*** you make you climax, she married but she still want tek f***, mi say why not, tha lady yah need mi attention… mi wi give you love when you draws fly like a pilot,” Popcaan sings.

In the meantime, fans of Popcaan also reacted to the song.

Popcaan and Denyque Trade Insults Online Following Her Controversial  Fashion Choice - Prism Marketing Consultants“Listen the words and do the maths,” one commenter said, while another added, “such melon girl mn [laughing emoji].

“Eat mi cacki like a watermelon That’s how yuh deal wid critics,” another said. “I ain’t never wanna be a chair so bad in my life,” one fan said, laughing.

Popcaan also seemingly has beef with dancehall artist 10Tik, who was seen in a video yesterday smashing a watermelon on the ground. It’s unclear what stemmed their brewing feud.

Source: Popcaan Fires Back At Denyque With New “Melon” Song – Urban Islandz

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