Recovering Samantha J Records With Tommy Lee – ‘Cut Eye’ First Song After Belize Accident

Deejay Samantha J is back on the recording track, approximately eight weeks following an accident in Belize that left her with a fractured arm, broken jaw and teeth and bruises on her body. She has recovered sooner than the doctors had expected, but still feels pain related to the injuries as well as her newly installed braces, which she will wear for the next two years.

“I’m getting used to it. It hurts, but the pain is something that I can say that I am familiar with [since the accident],” Samantha J told The STAR. The braces are clear so persons will not see at first glance. “I think it kind of changes the way my mouth looks, but I’m not hating on it because it could have been worse,” she pointed out, adding that she is able to continue recording and did not sustain any career damaging injuries.

For the past year the ‘Rockets’ singjay has not given up a chance to collaborate with reggae and dancehall colleagues, including Shenseea and Gyptian, and she says she is not about to let anything stop her. She recently returned home to unwind as part of her recovery process, but also completed a project with hardcore deejay Tommy Lee Sparta.

“Tommy Lee and I have been planning to work for a while now and worked on the vocals for ‘Cut Eye’ about a year ago. In some ways it is similar to ‘Tight Skirt’, but more mature and shows a different side of me,” Samantha J said..

Although Tommy Lee Sparta is considered a ‘bad boy’ in the dancehall Samantha J says it did not prevent her working with him. “I don’t think about people’s perception of an artiste; I just know that he is very talented and turns out that he is a really cool person,” she said. The ‘Some Bwoy’ deejay Tommy Lee returned the compliment, saying “I always admired Samantha J as ah artiste. She has the right tone fi that type of song, which is about an independent girl, girl weh can take care of herself and nuh need a sugar daddy.”

According to Tommy Lee Sparta, the team was waiting for her to recover fully but “although she still never hundred, she come out and try her best.”

They completed shooting scenes for the ‘Cut Eye’ video over the weekend, but the release date is uncertain. Samantha J has returned to the United States, where she will celebrate turning 22 years old on Wednesday, October 10, with her boyfriend and friends.

“My body is still healing, but I think God has my back and is helping me through it all. It’s time to celebrate life, especially with the last couple of months being super rough,” Samantha J said.

Source: Recovering Samantha J records with Tommy Lee – ‘Cut Eye’ first song after Belize accident | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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