Psychiatric Evaluation Ordered By A Judge For Gully Bop

The dancehall artiste Gully Bop appeared in the St. Thomas Parish Court recently on assault charges, causin the judge to order a Psychiatric evaluation of him.

It is alleged that he had beaten his wife at his home in Nuts River, St. Thomas where he has been living for some time. It seems as though both of them were having a dispute and things got out of hand.

The judge was concerned because even in the court the entertainer was displaying questionable behavior.
Both a psychiatric evaluation and a social inquiry report is needed and the entertainer’s case will be transferred to the Drug Court where it will be heard on September 6, 2018. His wife is now overseas and is planning to return in time to attend court.

Robert Malcolm who is known as Gully Bop is now on an extended bail that was set for $40,000.00. Even though it seems as though the entertainer is upset about the number of questions he was asked when he was at court. So he made his feelings public by posting on Facebook about it.

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