10 Things You Must Have For Sumfest

The 26th renewal of Reggae Sumfest starts on Sunday in Montego Bay, St James. Before heading off to the second city for a week full of reggae and dancehall parties and stage shows, here are 10 things that you must make sure that you have.

1. Tickets – Without your ticket you have no chance of enjoying the greatest show on earth.

2. Identification – For those who secured them on the Internet, ensure you have your national ID or passport, along with a screenshot or a printout of your confirmation to verify your online purchase.

3. Hotel accommodation – For international festival-goers, some opt to rest through the days-long event by sleeping in their cars, or if they’re truly industrious, pitching a tent like they do at Glastonbury Festival of Coachella. But for Reggae Sumfest, it’s all about the all-inclusive experience. If there is no family home on the north coast and no couch to crash on, make sure you have booked a hotel or motel room for the Reggae Sumfest weekend.

4. Fold-out chairs or stools – Some of the festival-goers can handle standing on their feet for hours, but for those who would rather not, make sure to bring along a fold-out chair or stool – or be ready to purchase one on-site. Note, however, that Robert Russell, Sumfest director, has said: “We going to allow people to use chairs, but what we won’t allow is the big, sprawling lounge chairs that take up two and three spaces.”

5. Credit & Debit cards – Talk about technologically advanced! This year, Reggae Sumfest will introduce a ‘mall’ concept, including point of sale machines! No need to walk with wads of cash to snag the jewellery, artwork and other merchandise on sale, because the festival is going cashless. Be wary of scammers!

6. Phone and portable charger – To capture images of your favourite artiste, make sure you have your smartphones – and some service to go ‘live’. And remember to bring along a portable charger.

7. Boots & Umbrella – If the skies do open, patrons will be grateful to have carried along your trusty umbrella. If you’d like to keep your hands unoccupied and add some trendy fashion flair, add a raincoat and some wellingtons, the sneakers from the last ‘paint-up party’, or even construction boots.

8. Scandal bags – If you don’t have umbrella, raincoat, dirty sneaker or construction boots, scandal bags work well, too. Save your coins and walk with two pairs, just in case.

9. Sunglasses – The concert does kick off in the night, but signature of the Jamaican stage show, it is acceptable to expect that the show will go on until sunrise. Just in case the sun enters the party, be sure to have a pair of sunglasses to hide sleepy eyes as you head back to the hotel.

10. Easy-to-carry-bag – Consider getting a fanny pack or an over-the-shoulder bag to hold all your accessories.

Source: 10 things you must have for Sumfest | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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