5 Questions With Bugle

The man who gave us ‘Nuh Compatible’ has more talents than his songs reveal. The versatile entertainer has a very soft spot and on special occasions you can find him cooking for the homeless. What more do you want to know about Bugle. Today we tell you more with five questions.


1. Which artistes are you listening to a lot right now?

Right now mi ah listen to a lot of artistes because that’s how mi learn. But right now I’m listening to Junior Gong and Chronixx’s albums! ‘Chronology’ and ‘Stony Hill’, I think is two really great albums. Mi have some people, mi always have to listen to their music, like Popcaan.

2. Do you think there should be a month dedicated to dancehall, as there is Reggae Month?

¬†Dancehall ah everyday, dancehall nuh seasonal. Dancehall is an everyday thing, but it’s just that dancehall nuh get the uptown recognition weh di Carnival get. At the end of the day, Carnival is a seasonal ting. It nuh deh yah 12 months fi di year. Suh if dem wah highlight it and do dem ting for a week or a month, ah suh it go. Every night, 10 dancehall party keep. Dancehall is dancehall, and dancehall big inna di world.

3. What is something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

I’m a great cook, like really a good cook. I can cook almost anything but me a pescatarian. Fish ah di only meat me eat. But when me cook my natural food dem fi you, yuh nah guh believe seh mi nuh use powder seasoning and dem sumn deh. Real chef, gourmet style.

4. Do you have a fitness regimen?

To tell you truth, I haven’t been in the gym for a minute now. But mi mek sure consume properly. And I work out in my house when I get the chance to, but I really don’t have a routine.

5. Is there any artiste out there that you would love to collaborate with, local or international?

The truth is, mi nuh really plan collaboration. I have to have an idea and see who it fit. So like how yuh hear me and Popcaan sing a song mi record the song a year and a half before mi go to Popcaan. That’s my ting. Tomorrow mi might record a song and seh, yow dis sound like Agent Sasco den mi just link ‘Assassin and seh mi have sum’n weh mi tink you would sound good pan.

* Bonus: If you were not a successful musician, what would you be doing?

Fashion design. I love fashion. Fashion, music, cooking whole ah dem ting deh go together. Everything is art.

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