Vybz Kartel Protege Sikka Rymes Disses Popcaan & Jah Vinci Again

Vybz Kartel new protege Sikka Rymes is again dissing Popcaan and Jah Vinci.

The up and coming dancehall deejay released a new diss track “Rice A Stream” this week going after Popcaan once again. This is the second diss track he released in the last couple of months aimed at the Unruly Boss and we’re told that Vybz Kartel is aware of it and is okay with it. For those of you who don’t know who Sikka Rymes is here is a quick background. He and Vybz Kartel have been friends from back in the Portmore Empire days and have grown closer since his incarceration. He is also Kartel’s go-to man whenever someone wants to visit him in prison and, as well as, other outside business-related dealings.

Sikka Rymes is also a staunch defender of Vybz Kartel and Popcaan is in his crosshair because of his fallout with Kartel. It’s unclear why he is now attacking Jah Vinci, but we do know that Popcaan and Jah Vinci recently drop a new collaboration so perhaps Rymes is feeling some type of way about that.

Gazanation fans are not too thrilled about the brewing beef even though it’s mostly one-sided since Popcaan has not uttered a word towards Sikka Rymes. “As a Gaza fan I think you should leave Popcaan and Vybz Kartel business alone let them work out their own issues and I say this without having anything against you, but is not a good look,” one fan wrote.

Unruly fans are also weighing in calling Sikka Rymes a hater among other things. Listen to the track below.

Source: Vybz Kartel Protege Sikka Rymes Disses Popcaan & Jah Vinci Again – Urban Islandz

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