Popcaan gets high praises – Artiste lauded for putting smiles on children’s faces

Popcaan is today being praised by Minister of State for Education, Youth and Information Floyd Green for his generosity as the children from Walker’s Place of Safety were treated to the VIP experience when they went to see ‘Black Panther’ at the cinemas last Sunday.

The entertainer, after accepting a challenge from Nikki Z late last month, made a $100,000 donation for the children from the home to watch the movie.

Green dubbed Popcaan’s donation as a step in the right direction and encouraged other entertainers to engage in more positive activities.

“Our entertainers do give back and I think more of them can channel their resources in positive engagements. I think the more they can do in helping our children is the more some of the negative perception will be removed from them and that is important,” he said.

Green, who was at the movies with the children, said they were very excited.

“The fact that everything was being provided for them from the snacks to a whole movie theatre for themselves meant everything to them. There was a genuine appreciation for the fact that he and Nikki Z came together and decided to do this thing for them and they made the sacrifice to make it happen.”


“I think that most of all is what the children took from this experience; that somebody was kind enough to give them an opportunity like this. The message coming out of this, therefore, is that we all can play our part in helping our children in state care, no matter how big or how small.”

Nikki Z told The STAR that although Popcaan could not be there in person to enjoy the moment with the children, he sent his love via a video message.

“I showed it to the kids and they were just so happy that this person they know and listen to on the radio did this thing for them,” she said. “I already saw the movie, but watching it with them and seeing their feedback was way better than watching it the first time. They had a blast, not just watching the movie, but getting to eat just whatever they wanted from the venue, and the fact that they had a whole cinema for themselves made it all the more special for them. They really got the VIP treatment we were hoping to give them.”

Wards of the Walker’s Place of Safety had their lives disrupted when fire destroyed the facility in which they were housed in January. Two children died in the blaze.

Source: Popcaan gets high praises – Artiste lauded for putting smiles on children’s faces | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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