Etana Breaks Tour To Release Album

Reggae star Etana will be taking a sabbatical from her opening slot on fellow reggae artiste J Boog’s ‘L. O. E’ (Love Over Everything) 2018 tour to release her much-anticipated ‘Reggae Forever’ album on International Women’s Day tomorrow.

As a treat to her eager fans and to give a personal insight into her latest musical offering, the ‘Strong One’ will give a free, intimate acoustic performance paired with Q&A at the Apple Music Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, today, the eve of Reggae Forever‘s release.

“It will be a personal, intimate setting and an acoustic performance. I am excited that people at the Apple store will be able to view the performance and participate as well,” Etana said.

She will also be doing a Google Talk Live tomorrow at the Google premises in Manhattan, New York.


With Reggae Forever, Etana is the executive producer, and it will be her first independent album.

Meanwhile, Etana said that the tour with J Boog has been very successful so far, giving her a chance to win over new fans, and appease older ones who love her brand of spiritually uplifting reggae music.

“I am grateful for the many new fans I met, and seen some faces that never missed a show. Some are used to two-hour long set and not happy about seeing me for a short time, but overall, the experience touring with J Boog is really great. Most shows are sold out. People come out in the snow, in the cold, in the weekday for reggae music. It’s just amazing,” Etana said, noting that she returns to the tour on March 9.

Source: Etana breaks tour to release album | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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