Nasty lies! … D’Angel Denies US Rapper’s Accusations

Dancehall diva D’Angel has clapped back at US-based rapper Kaffi Black after he posted a video, claiming she messed up his car because it was ‘that time of the month’.

In the amateur video, the rapper highlights an unwrapped tampon and shows a soiled front seat claiming that it was D’Angel who caused the mess.

“So called big artiste from Jamaica … blood all over the front seat. Then she acting like she is a big celebrity,” he said as he focused the camera on D’Angel inside a hotel lobby.

But D’Angel refuted Kaffi Black’s accusations, saying the video was fabricated.

“Fame him a look but a me say no worries cuz God a deal with everything. Rewind and come again, devil bwoy,” she said.

D’Angel told THE STAR that she is also disgusted that he would go to such lengths to get a break.

“His actions are very low, degrading and inhumane. Although I didn’t mess up his car seat, why would he even do something like this even if an accident did happen?” she stated.

The entertainer admitted that she was in the car in New York, promoting their collaboration called Personality.

“Even if it had happened, the average man would get his car cleaned and understand that it is nature, but not him. He would rather scheme up a bunch of lies to try and get a hype. But guess what youth? Every female and even men hate you now so it no do a thing for your career,” she added.

D’Angel told THE STAR that she had noticed a distasteful behavioural pattern with the rapper while they were on the radio tour but didn’t think much of it.

She explained that it all started after she offered him musical advice.

“He wanted to sing the song like the autotuned version but I told him to sing with his natural voice. But he told me he was rich and I told him money can’t buy talent. I wasn’t offering advice to belittle him; it was coming from a good place,” she said.

D’Angel, given name Michelle Downer, said she saw the video a day after she posted the bookings she had for the Yuletide season.

She further stated that Kaffi Black had contacted her agent to enquire why he wasn’t a part of her schedule but was told that none of the promoters had requested him.

“You wanted to be a part of my culture. I left my country to come and help you with your career. I did the promotional tour with you to help and boost the song because it is a really good track but you clearly had other motives on how you can get a buss. I have nothing to do with this song and video. Everything is null and void,” an irate D’Angel said.

Source: Nasty lies! … D’Angel denies US rapper’s accusations | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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