Organizers Want To Host Profitable Chronixx Concert

Fans will remember when Chronixx hit the Jamaican trail for the intimate Capture Land Part 1 in 2015. They will also remember 2016 when the reggae revivalist took over the JC auditorium one night, then performed for approximately two hours in Trelawny for Capture Land Part 2.

As successful as those tours seemed, Headline Entertainment revealed that those concerts were executed at a loss.

This year, Chronixx returns to perform in Jamaica at his own production for the Chronology Caribbean tour with programme changes, and the hope of making a profit.

“Production was important to the point of sacrifice. We made sacrifices the first two times because it was important to Chronixx Music Group to present the artiste to a wide cross section of audience,” Jerome Hamilton, founder of Headline Entertainment, explained.

During a recent press briefing, Hamilton said that the Capture Land tours were designed based on the artiste’s requests, to curate an experience that represents his brand. Though branding goals were fulfilled, patrons’ responses have altered the event planners’ approach. Low ticket costs for student admission played a part in the event’s returns, which have caused planners to create tiers.

“We have included a VIP section at the front because of the level of production. The responses from the patrons made it necessary for us to do it,” he said.

For those previous concerts, Chronixx also decided what would be sold.

“It was mostly meat-free and alcohol-free. It also provided the opportunity to showcase his merchandise. But the biggest change for us in some ways, and it was a hard change for us to get past, is there will be some alcohol on sale,” Hamilton revealed, noting that the menu will be limited to beers and wines.

While Capture Land featured only Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Redemption Band, the Chronology stage will also support Protoje and the In.Digg.Nation Band.


“This is the dream concert right now,” Hamilton continued. “Where patrons stood at attention, afraid to lose a moment of performance during Capture Land, band changes will allow people to mingle, relax and consume between sets. There is a group of artistes that works closely together, so I expect surprise guests. I don’t know who, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing some surprise performers on stage.”

One such invitee is Eesah, who will, along with Chronixx and Protoje, be allowed a full performance.

The first local stop for the Chronology Tour will be at Mas Camp in Kingston on December 1, while the second stop will be Pier 1 in Montego Bay. Johnny Gourzong and Tina Davis, who are known for their work with Reggae Sumfest, will be coordinating the Montego Bay leg.

General tickets will cost $2,200 pre-sold and $2,500 at the gate, while VIP tickets will cost $3,500 pre-sold, and $4,000 at the gate.

Source: Organisers want to host profitable Chronixx concert | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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