Dancehall Sensation Shenseea Responds To ‘Haters’ In Style

“My life anu your life so nuh badda try come even judge me, low me mek me plant me seed fi reap success fi my self and fi me damn pickney”. Wrote Shenseea on her social media page.Over the last couple of days, there has been a war of words over social media between Pamputtae and popular MC McNuffy.

The feud stemmed from comments made by Pamputtae on CVM at Sunrise last Thursday (April 6th) that some dancehall artists are not yet ready for dancehall. This was interpreted as a dig at Shenseea by McNuffy who went off on Pamputtae in an Instagram post calling her “old pan knock,” to which Pamputtae responds with “punches” of her own.

Shenseea kept her silent until yesterday (April 10th) when she posted a cryptic message on her Instagram page.

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