DJ Khaled Goes Viral Again In Jamaica

Just hours after returning to Jamaica, DJ Khaled has once again gone viral on social media.

The American producer is making rounds online after he uploaded a video of his lunch on Monday.

The self-proclaimed ‘Yaad Man’ took to his Instagram story to share a series of videos showcasing the food which included with some lovely Jerk Chicken, Jerk Snapper, Steamed Cabbage, Bammy and Escovitch fish.

Things first got interesting when DJ Khaled was shown Jerk Pork which he refused to eat, “Mi cyaa eat pork…. Don Dadda cyaa eat Pork,” he said, which prompted the chef to quickly close the lid.

Khaled then saw Callaloo rice which he pronounced as ‘Callalurah’, sending Jamaicans into a frenzy.

Last year DJ Khaled went viral in Jamaica when he poured oatmeal porridge over his breadfruit while having breakfast.

The “No Brainer” producer arrived on the island Sunday afternoon. According to sources close to the DJ Khaled, the original ‘Yaad Man’ is looking to put the finishing touches on his upcoming album “Father of Asahd” due in May.

Source: DJ Khaled Goes Viral Again In Jamaica | The Tropixs

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