Konshens Happy With Chris Brown Remix

Dancehall artiste Konshens is on a high, following the release of the remix of his hit song, ‘Bruk Off Yuh Back’.

The entertainer managed to score a huge collaboration as the remix features international superstar Chris Brown.

In an interview with THE STAR, Konshens revealed he had absolutely no problems convincing the megastar to lend his vocals to the official remix as Brown was already a big fan of the song.

“Him have some video weh him a vibe to it and a whine up pan some girls so I guess is something weh him like,” he said. “Dem yutes deh have dem ears to the streets, enuh, and the song is one of the biggest dancehall songs globally. Him say a one a di baddest songs and him drop a verse same time, there was no hesitation.”

Konshens said he is pleased with the final outcome of the song, and says the majority of listeners so far have expressed happiness with the new sound.


“The response has been huge. Mi phone a mash up, email a mash up, and social media a mash up,” he said. “Of course, yuh have the one or two people dem weh feel like dem more Jamaican dan anything else so dem have a likkle thing fi say bout the patois part, but the general audience love the vibe and the energy.”

He expressed that despite some negative response to the new sound the song has, having Brown on the official remix will be just what the record needs to become a bigger hit.

“Me travel the world and me can tell yuh say Jamaicans a di hardest crowd fi please. Some people a ask if a me write the verse but that was all him. Chris Brown is like the Michael Jackson of this generation so we respect him,” he said. “At the end of the day, we affi respect a star and an icon like that for who he is and what him bring to the table. We know what Chris Brown added to a track can do and so we like to focus on the positive side of things.”

On that note, Konshens explained he has much in store for his fans, and encouraged them to keep following social media for some big announcements.

“Not because yuh not seeing me as regular, mi out inna di road a put in the work. When yuh deh pan a level fi a certain number of years, it is important for you to stamp your class and show seh yuh nuh regular. So me as an artiste now nah try fi be hot inna di streets, dat a joke thing. We a try fi bring dancehall to a level and we fan base and we pocket to a next level.”

Source: Konshens happy with Chris Brown remix | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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