Entertainers Divided On ‘Organ Selling’ Rumours

A few entertainers seem to have bought into stories being disseminated on social media regarding the reason for the spike in number of women being killed across the island.

A voice note which began circulating earlier this week, claimed the women were being murdered as part of an organ donation scheme, where their organs are removed and sold through an underground market.

Foota Hype and Popcaan believe the murders are part of a larger scheme.

Popcaan in an Instagram post on Thursday lashed out against the killings advising the culprits to stop selling women’s organs.

“Lou di future make the future grow and stop sell woman (expletive) organ,” he said in the post. Foota Hype has also been very vocal, stating that the idea isn’t as farfetched as many may believe.


Big business

“The organ business has been going on for ages but because it’s the elite of the world that’s doing it, it’s high secret. Most of the times the Government dem in pon it, the morgue dem, di funeral homes; it’s big business,” he said, explaining that there could even be something far more sinister than just organ selling.

“For some strange reason people think they can achieve immortality especially in the Christian community where they think that if you get blood from the firstborn female virgin of any family, it can help you to achieve immortality,’ he said.

But other entertainers have denounced the claims, labelling them as impossible. Mr Vegas told THE STAR that he is disappointed at how much Jamaicans have allowed this “nonsense” to spread, stating that the entertainers who help spread such claims “nuh have no sense either”.

“Nuff a dem entertainers yah nuh bother to read and make sense of things. People these days just grab on to anything without any concrete evidence. Stop share things fi likes and fi go viral,” he said. “Stop pass round di devil work. A di killers’ tactic dat, to not only drive fear into people but to get popular.”


Great injustice

He said that if persons were selling organs, it would be a great injustice to the people for the Government to hide it.

“There would be some forensic report to say this or that was missing from this person,” he said.

ZJ Rush said scientifically, it’s almost impossible to be killing these people for organs.

“The organs are pretty much useless immediately and even with proper storage have to be used within a few hours,” he explained. “Not to mention that donors have to match recipients or else the organs will most likely be rejected. The horrible crimes aren’t linked to organ sales but it doesn’t make the crimes any less terrible.”

Source: Entertainers divided on ‘organ selling’ rumours | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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  1. Been trying to tell People that this Organ Selling thing is ridiculous. But some People just too ignorant to understand just how stupid it is. To Harvest Organs, there needs to be a sterile environment. The Donor must match the Recipient. The Organ needs to be used within a certain time limit and the Donor needs to be free from Diseases or infections. Plus the People that have been killed. When Autopsies are done, no Organs are missing from the bodies. Mankind just wicked and dog hearted and that’s why there is so much killing in Jamaica. We need to focus on the real issues causing these Murders and not get sidetracked by ignorance.

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