Khago lashes greedy mixtape DJs

Khago has lashed out against disc jocks who he claims have been soliciting money from recording artistes to create mix CDs.

Khago believes since the artistes have not taken steps to clamp down on the CD mixing culture, which relies heavily on the piracy of music to survive, artistes should be exempted from the financial demands of the disc jocks.

In a video uploaded online, Khago said that he has no serious issues paying radio disc jocks for play since they make records into hits, and are usually underpaid. However, whether, he pays or not should be a matter of choice instead of an act of blackmail.

“If this is where music is right now I am sorry. When you see a man who mek CDs withstanding that music is not being sold, he is the only man who take music and sell CDs. He sits one place takes down your music from the Internet and sell it and he alone takes the money.

We as artistes not coming around and we are not sending police on you to arrest you and seh yow dog yu a sell wi music and yu not paying us. You are the only one making money off music instant. The artistes have to sing, promote and go to dance and bleach beside selector to get some play so we can get a hit … maybe we get some shows but you mek money instant.When you compile all the Kartel and Mavado’s a yu alone a mek money offa wi music. So when an artiste send you a song to put on a CD and you are telling him he has to pay you to go on a CD you are dead (dread?) in your heart … you are wicked,” he said.

Khago appeared to be directing his comments at a specific disc jock. However he did not call the disc jock name stating that his intention is not to damage the disc jock’s reputation.

“What you are doing is illegal and artistes are not pressuring you. Artistes can send police in your corner and take away your machine and we are not doing that because it aids in our promotion, but it’s you alone sell music and make money.

“Yet you are going to tell me, Bounty and Beenie that if we don’t have a song that will make your CDs sell instant we have to pay you? If you put a song million songs on your CDs no artiste charge you regardless of how much you sell, it’s you who make the money … you have been doing this for years and wi never charge yu. When Tun UP Di Thing a run the place and yu put my song on your CD mi never said don’t put my song pon yu CD and artistes can do that. We can get serious, unno a mash up music and then unno sey unno love it,” he said seemingly upset.Khago believes the pay for play practise puts developing artistes at a huge disadvantage.

“What happen to the young artistes who don’t have money? When some selectors a draw dem foot wi can see wid them because dem a a bawl out them throat. But this is wickedness Bob Marley turn inna him grave,” he said.

Source: Khago lashes greedy mixtape DJs | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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