Deejays feud heats up! – Mavado, Demarco and Popcaan drop new diss tracks

The feud between dancehall artistes Mavado, Demarco, and Popcaan has seemingly escalated with the artistes levelling disrespect against each other courtesy of new songs.

The feud, which started following Demarco and Popcaan’s decision to counteract Mavado and Alkaline single Farewell, is now the most talked about in dancehall circles with fans already taking sides with their favorite artistes.

Record producers Notnice and DJ Frass, who are both at the helm of the feud, producing tracks for Popcaan and Mavado, respectively, were both cautious with their words when contacted by The STAR.

Notnice, who is no stranger to feuds, having come up under Vybz Kartel’s stable, told The STAR that he is simply doing his work. “I am just producing music and doing my work. Tell dem sey efforts to get a comment from Notnice proved futile,” he said. DJ Frass told The STAR that he was busy trying to make international hits.

Demarco, who was friends with Mavado prior to forming an alliance with incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, told The STAR that he was not doing any interviews at this point. However, he proceeded to taunt Mavado about his former profession on social media by posting a photo of a barbering tool on his Instagram page, in addition to releasing a new diss song aimed at the artiste titled King Kong.King Kong is a direct response to Mavado who compared Demarco to the King Kong Guerrilla character in his song Dem Run Een, due to his physical appearance. Nevertheless, Demarco appears to have owned the name and went to extreme lengths to prove that Mavado is somewhat an underachiever in dancehall due to his inability to make an international hit record despite being signed to a major label.

“Barber dem not even rate you in Cassava Piece … rapper groupie a wah do him? Bout Big League, yu lighter than saw dust, do song with every rapper and can’t buss,” Demarco sings in King Kong.

Mavado, who also tackles Popcaan in his diss record Dem Run Een, took to Instagram to respond to Demarco’s song. He posted a screenshot from one of his fans stating that Demarco’s arguments against him were recycled.

“Some bwoy sey dem a mek diss song and all dem do a recycle some old lines that #Kartel use in 06 … lines like barber bwoy and gay bredda and cut inna face. Smh dem lines deh stale out now a just trace di pussycat dem trace, nuh gangsta thing dem nah deal wid at all,” he posted.

Popcaan’s effort titled Dutty Dread and produced by Notnice sees the deejay reminding Mavado of his affiliation with Vybz Kartel. “Yu nuh bad like my fada Adidjah Palmer … gwaan itch up inna yu league weh a corner … di world dun know yu a barber,” he sang, also taking jabs at Mavado’s barber past.

Popcaan’s manager, Sharon Burke, had denied that a feud was brewing between the artistes recently. However, the records have been telling a different tale.

Source: Deejays feud heats up! – Mavado, Demarco and Popcaan drop new diss tracks | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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