Valiant Reveals That He Was Adopted and Never Met His Biological Parents

Valiant Talks Debut Project "4:14" Getting Huge Support In Dancehall -  Urban IslandzDancehall artiste Valiant has revealed that he was adopted and has never met his biological parents. The prominent entertainer opened up about his personal life during a newly released interview with Wayne Marshal.

The discussion arose as he responded to a question about whether his musical career was influenced by a family member or parents who could sing.

“What did set the foundation fi yuh music? Yuh must have a family, a mother, a father weh sing?” singer Wayne Marshall asked on an episode of The Cut, which also featured Leon Bailey.

Valiant News - DancehallMagValiant shook his head in response, saying, “Yuh know mi adopted though…but big up mi parents them, mi love them same way.” Based on the information Valiant shared, it appears that he was adopted when he was only 10 months old.

Additionally, Valiant expressed that he’s “good” with not meeting his parents. The Lumbah artiste expressed that, for a long time, he was uncomfortable discussing his adoption, but that has changed.

Dancehall Artist Valiant Talks "Dunce Cheque" Criticism: Interview - Urban  IslandzWhile noting that he is doing “great,” he added, “Mi neva normally comfortable fi say it..but mi reach a level weh mi comfortable, weh mi can seh it caw mi have two great parents weh look afta mi at 10 months.”

Watch the interview with Valiant below:

Source: Valiant Reveals That He Was Adopted and Never Met His Biological Parents – Watch Interview – YARDHYPE

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