Spice Latest Release ‘2085 Tea’ Reflects On Controversial Events That Moulded Her Career

Spice - 2085 Tea (Official Music Video)Spice unveiled the highly anticipated music video for her provocative track, ‘2085 Tea‘ Friday morning. Known for her bold lyrics and unapologetic persona, in a creative way, Spice delves deep into her past, reflecting mostly on controversial events that shaped and moulded her career.

The narrative of ‘2085 Tea‘ is a powerful one, addressing personal and professional betrayals. In the song, Spice candidly discusses her tumultuous relationship with her baby’s father, Nicholas Lall Jr. The now 41-year-old recalls the shocking betrayal by her former dancer, who had an affair with her baby’s father, “one a dem sex mi man right unda mi sight,” further intensifying the song’s raw emotional energy.

Some of the lyrics of ‘2085 Tea‘ also seem to take aim at Marion Hall formerly Lady Saw, another prominent figure in the dancehall scene, adding an extra layer of intrigue and controversy. Notably Minister Marion Hall announced that she was about to drop a Dancehall song, just days before Spice’s provocative release.

Spice Time-Travels To Share Personal Truths In New Song '2085 Tea' -  DancehallMagThis new song from Spice is expected to be featured on her upcoming upcoming album, Mirror 25, Which will be her third album after 10 (2021) and Emancipated (2022). A release date and tracklist is yet to be released to the public.

With lines that hint at past rivalries and unresolved tensions such as that with multiple Love and Hiphop cast members, Romeich and VP Records, Spice’s lyrical prowess shines through, making it clear that she is not one to shy away from confronting her adversaries. Interestingly, she did not call any name and only pointed out the known or rumoured events.

SPICE SAID, PEOPLE'S FEELING WILL BE HURT IN HER NEW SINGLE! #entertainment  #dancehallartist - YouTubeThe song was written by Spice herself, showcasing her talent as a lyricist. The production was handled by Spice Official Entertainment, with Keron “Yow Levite” Young composing the track. The mixing and mastering were expertly done by Red Boom Super Mix at Ireland Studios, ensuring a polished and powerful sound that complements the song’s intense themes.

The music video, directed by JD Productions, is a visual feast. Spice’s dramatic and stylish makeup, crafted by Nosworthy Creation, enhances her commanding presence on screen as a grand mother. The video seamlessly blends past and present, creating a nostalgic yet futuristic aesthetic that perfectly matches the song’s title.

Some lyrics, “This a 2085 look back pan things weh mi archive, who neva like mi dem shud a service fi si me living up my best life.. mi sorry seh mi kids neva get a betta dad… Them fight mi suh hard muss tru me black, mash mouth did a pay people fi nuh play my song now mi have a couple plague… mi nuh business with nuh body business”

Watch the music video below:

Source: Spice Calls Out Her Foes In ‘2085 Tea’ Music Video – YARDHYPE

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