Shaggy Says Old Sound Of Dancehall Is Over, Critics & Fans Weigh In With Their Opinion 

CFL Awards in Niagara Falls to feature Shaggy concertDancehall megastar Shaggy’s recent statement that the “old sound of Dancehall” is over and is being gradually replaced by Trap-sounding music has not gone down well with some Dancehall fans, many of whom point to the fact that 90s riddims are constantly being sampled and re-used.

On Thursday, Shaggy shared a snippet of a video in which he commented on the state of the genre, declaring that Dancehall’s glory days are long gone.

“I think that Dancehall is in an incredibly great space right now. I think we started the year with a bang.  I think last year was an amazing year for Dancehall, because we had [Teejay‘s] Drift which I was happy to be a part of.  So I think that Dancehall is slowly moving it, but it’s a new sound,” the Boombastic singer said.

“One thing we got to understand the old sound of Dancehall that we know, the old style we know that was very successful, did its thing the highest point of Dancehall, was that sound.  It’s over.  That sound is no more.  I don’t think people are going to make records like that anymore.   I think there is a new sound of Dancehall that you are hearing, that new kinda trap type sound that they are making and they are going to find a way to make it become successful to where it starts to chart and to do well. It’s a new day,” he added.

Shaggy Stuns Fans By Revealing He Has Been Singing With A Fake Accent For Decades | The Daily CallerShaggy also asked his followers to give their views on the state of Dancehall. Those who disagreed with him wrote extensively in their rebuttals, including Twin of Twins Tulox, and radio disc Jockey and producer Junior Rodigan.

Rodigan sought to remind Shaggy that comparing the new Trap sounds with authentic Dancehall was not a good comparison as the two are poles apart.

“The NEW sound has nothing to do with the OLD sound… same goes for the ENERGY (and even the EMOTION) each one carries with it… Hence the need to call this NEW sound something else.  That way, each has its own identity, its own legends & icons, its own CHARTS & AWARDS – once they ARE separated,” Rodigan said.

“The old sound has not died and will never die (people are always gonna wanna dance / whine & grine pon something) … it’s just not trending with the younger set of fans & selectors is Jamaica where everyone still looks to follow
However we all know how this business works … If Beyoncé or Rihanna decide to put out a song on an Authentic Dancehall riddim … it’s all coming back. Fast. Lol,” he added.

Shaggy Recommends Bangin' on the Bathroom Floor While Quarantined During Coronavirus“Don’t agree on any level.  Dancehall is not just about sound.  It’s a complete package; image, culture, onstage versatility, actual substance… which by the way present dancehall completely lacks.  On the other hand I do agree that we can’t expect the same sound of dancehall forever .. because dancehall has made numerous changes over the years and they have all been accepted and went on to do good.  So change is not the problem.  It’s the present crop who represents or stands for anything including respecting who came before or even caring to know more about the genre they represent…,” was Tulox’s reply.

Power 105 disc Jockey DJ Norie also weighed in on the matter.

“It’s crazy you even feel comfortable to Say Dancehall “Trap” you would never get me to Agree ! The handful dats moving the Culture Are Amazing Artist THATS IT✌🏾,” he stated.

HOT 97 - ALL VIDEOSOne follower referenced Shaggy’s own statements in an interview on The Breakfast Club morning show in June 2021, where he had said that current Dancehall artists “are trying to fix something that wasn’t broken,” with their penchant for Trap beats over authentic Dancehall riddims.  The follower also pointed to Nigy Boy’s recent success on Rvssian’s Dutty Money riddim as proof that authentic Dancehall is still in demand.

“You said it best, Sir in a previous interview… ‘we tried to fix something that wasn’t broken’.   Nigy Boy successfully proved that the original sound of dancehall is what people still love as he demonstrated with his hit song “Continent”,” the commenter, iamraymondanthony, said.

Shaggy had said in the Breakfast Club interview that Dancehall would be more successful today if artists had stuck to its traditional roots and beats.   He had also affirmed that Dancehall acts in Jamaica are unwittingly content with being “in a bubble” as domestic stars, having not realized that they are capable of greater accomplishments.

Spice Shaggy Breakfast Club
Spice and Shaggy with The Breakfast Club

“If you ask the average DJ, that’s on a global scale, what kind of Dancehall will move a party, they’re gonna tell you it’s 90s Dancehall, and the difference between current dancehall and 90s dancehall is the beat.  So we’ve actually tried to fix something that wasn’t broken,” Shaggy had said when asked for his views on the state of the genre.

The Angel singer had also said that other genres like Reggaetón and Afrobeats are reaping success under the influence of the 90s Dancehall beats and that the Reggaeton beat, also called ‘Dem Bow,’ was a “billion dollar genre.”

“The beat itself, they’ve taken the dance out of Dancehall. If you listen to the new dancehall now, the style that they’re on, it’s kinda like a trap fusion dancehall… You go to a dancehall party people stand up and they’ll sing these lines, it’s like a sing-along, more so than a dance along. And I think the dance of Dancehall is what was really appealing to people. And if you look at the streaming numbers, the 90s Dancehall is still streaming better than the current Dancehall,” he had added.

Source: Shaggy Says Old Sound Of Dancehall Is Over – DancehallMag

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