Elephant Man Says He Has 38 Children And He Isn’t Finished

Elephant Man - Jamaicansmusic.comDancehall artist Elephant Man says he is not done having children

Elephant Man might hold the record for the dancehall artist with the most children. The veteran deejay shared that he has a confirmed 38 kids, and that number could even be higher.

What was even more impressive was that during his Instagram Live chat with Noah Powa and Tony Matterhorn last week, Elephant Man said he is open to having more children and doesn’t believe in slowing down. Early in the stream, the Energy God shared that he has 38 kids and could be working on the 39.

When Powa asked if he wants more kids, Elephant Man promptly responded saying, “How yuh mean then if it come it nuh come bredda wah yuh a talk bout.”

How Many Kids Does Elephant Man Actually Have? || Xtra Fix - YouTubeThe dancehall veteran later confirmed the number when fans posed the question, much to the amazement of Powa and Matterhorn. “I have 38 pickney start from mi a 17 bro,” Ele told Noah Powa. “Me might ugly and all of that but the gyal dem like mi bandy (bow) legs. Ladies unnu member and remind them nuh man. Di gyal dem like mi bandy legs. Member a me climb and jump off a di something dem and the gyal dem seh, ‘No man mi woulda tek a lift up from dah black boy yah him look like (him fit).’”

Elephant Man also took a dig at Tony Matterhorn who erupted in laughter. “Member di gyal dem see the attitude enuh a nuh like Matterhorn weh favor ring worm and go round the sound,” he said. “The gyal them say Matterhorn look like him nah even drink tea.”

“The girl dem love the Energy God and from them time deh yuh know the girl them love the Energy God, so some kids come,” he continues.

In an interview last year, Elephant Man shared that he isn’t the only dancehall artist who has a lot of children, even though he might have the most. “A no me alone have while heep a pickney a whole heepa artists have whole heepa pickney, my own them just likkle bit nuffa,” he said.

EXCLUSIVE: Elephant Man Talks Diddy, 20 Children, 'No Shaky', Usher, Rhum  EP, Dominating Dancehall and more - Interview - YARDHYPEAt the time, he declined to share the exact number of children he had, saying that sometimes some women tried to give him children that he wasn’t the real father. The “Pon Di River” deejay also shared that there was a moment in his life when he was getting a lot of daughters.

Elephant Man (musician) - Wikipedia“One of the time me realize mi a get bare daughter and me go to me granny and say ‘a wah a gwaan wid dah daughter supm yah grandma no bwoy nuh inna it?’ and she a say ‘yuh a eediat a strong yuh strong mek yuh get so much gyal’ so me say alright leave it alone,” he shared.

Elephant Man dismissed critics who claimed he is not a good father to his many children. He also revealed that Tony Matterhorn and his baby mother raised one of his daughters.

Source: Elephant Man Shares He Has 38 Children and Is Far From Done – Urban Islandz

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