Aidonia and Wife Kimberly Megan Welcomes Baby Boy

Kimberly Megan AidoniaAidonia is a father again as he takes a break from music

Aidonia became a father for the second time, he revealed to fans on Saturday. The artiste told Urban Islandz earlier in December that he intended to take a break from music to spend time with his wife and son.

The Dancehall artiste and Kimberly Megan announced in the Summer that they were expecting a baby. The artiste revealed this weekend the good news that they welcomed a baby boy on December 18, just about a year since they lost their first baby boy, Khalif, 9, to cancer.

The artiste was performing at the Yush party on Saturday in Kingston, and just as he was about to exit the stage, he revealed the child’s birth.

“Before me come off of the stage mi affi big up mi wife ah mi yaad. She know how me stay enuh, when mi forward pon stage and everything nice and mi feel good. Monday gone we welcome the birth of we son,” the artiste said.

Kimberly Megan
Kimberly Megan

Neither mother nor child has spoken about the birth, but fans celebrated the artiste and Megan online, with many hoping that it is a safe and healthy delivery and that mom and baby are okay.

“Congratulations….. as your older son looks over & protect his newborn brother! Many, many happy days to come. Many happy & happier moments & memories to create! Big up you & your wife!” one fan wrote on Instagram. “One a the thing mi love about him he respects his wife and show her off,” another said.

Both Aidonia and Kimberley were saddened after the passing of their son Khalif last December after a brief battle with cancer. The parents have spoken on Instagram about the impact of the loss of their only child at the time.

Their pregnancy announcement in August brought much joy as fans shared heartfelt wishes for the couple.

Aidonia has had a monumental year in dancehall after returning to music following the passing of his son. The 4th Genna leader released several new singles and an album, “Occupied Mind,” released on December 1, 2023. The dancehall veteran told Urban Islandz that he would be taking a musical hiatus to focus on his family, and as such, he released the project to satisfy his fans until his return.

“Occupied Mind is a compilation of the songs I did recently mostly this year,” Aidonia said. “It’s just something that came about the latter part of last year, and I needed to [make] music and stay occupied both mentally, emotionally, and physically and music was doing that for me hence the name ‘Occupied Mind’.”

“With the birth of my child now, I’m gonna take some time off to focus on my family and focus on my child for a couple of months. So I just decided to put everything together and give the people, it’s a project,” he added.

“It’s not an album but a project to hold the space weh mi ago take off and focus on mi family and mi personal life fi a minute…we ready again for the early part of next year again to start doing some new music,” the artist shared. “The official album is gonna come next year and once mi come back from da break deh it will be time fi focus on the album coming definitely next year.”

Aidonia is also dabbling in music production under his own label and plans to produce more music for other artists in the near future.

Source: Aidonia and Wife Kimberly Megan Welcomes Baby Boy – Urban Islandz

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