Shenseea Says She’s “Not Yet” Ready to Release New Dancehall Music As She Continues To Explore

Shenseea News and New Music - Urban IslandzFollowing her latest single, Beama, Shenseea has shared that she is not quite ready to return to her dancehall roots as she continues to branch out and explore other genres of music.

Born Chinsea Lee, Shenseea rose to fame as a singjay with dancehall tracks such as Loodi featuring Vybz KartelThe Sidechick Song, and Good Comfort. Garnering international attention with her style and flow, she became one of the most recognisable Jamaican female artistes on the global entertainment scene.

However, Shenseea has expressed on multiple occasions her desire to step back from dancehall and explore the varied offerings of music. But many of the artiste’s Jamaican fans, who propelled her to stardom in the dancehall arena, have not gravitated to her latest attempts at crossing over into the international genres of rap and pop music.

Shenseea Connects With Rapper Lola Brooke In New Song 'Beama' - DancehallMagShenseea’s latest single, Beama, featuring American rapper Lola Brooke, garnered mixed reactions. During a live stream, the singer discussed the evolution of her music and her song Beama with fans. Shenseea asked her viewers what they disliked about Beama and reflected on the negative reaction she received after releasing her first single that mixed genres, Blessed, which went on to be a hit.

When asked if she can return to dancehall, Shenseea shared that she has no plans to delve back into the genre just yet.

The artiste told fans she would be exploring more, such as pop-infused dancehall, and testing where her new music could take her. She acknowledged that some would not be accustomed to her new musical style, but it was part of being an artiste. Speaking on her old music, Shenseea said she does not intend to try and copy her previous dancehall hits, which she considered her classics, and is always trying to challenge herself.

In regards to her rap single Beama, Shenseea shared that the single was an example of her continuing to challenge herself and that she first ventured into rap earlier in her career. Her venture into hip-hop was also influenced by her migration to America and the people around her.

According to the Love I Got For U singer, fans have not yet seen her true potential and versatility, and she is stepping back from lewd songs as her son, Rajeiro, is now listening to her music.

Watch the video below.

Source: Shenseea Says She’s “Not Yet” Ready to Release New Dancehall Music as She Continues to Explore – YARDHYPE

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