Dancehall Artist Gully Bop Dead At Age 59

The dancehall community is mourning the death of Gully Bop who passed away in a hospital in Kingston from illness

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop has reportedly passed away. According to several local news reports, the artiste died after battling a mysterious illness over the last three years.

Bop became famous after he became a viral sensation for his rhymes and lyrical skills, and later, he was taken up by Shauna Chin, now Shauna Controlla, who helped to launch his career with the hit “Everybody Want a Wuk Offa Mi.”

The artiste was said to be homeless and a drug addict at the time, but his rags-to-riches story inspired many while simultaneously giving him a second chance at life.

Television Jamaica confirmed on Tuesday morning that Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, died on Monday after being hospitalized at the Kingston Public Hospital. There are reports that he was dealing with issues related to a hernia. However, a friend of his hinted earlier this year that the artiste was seriously ill and suffering from various medical complications.

Shauna Chin Gully Bop
Shauna Chin and Gully Bop

Bop first reported in 2021 that he was sick. In an interview published by Urban Islandz back then, the artiste revealed that he was hospitalized for months in 2021.

He also described that he was feeling extreme pain, which led him to go to the Kingston Public Hospital, where he was hospitalized.

Up to the time of his death, Bop was reportedly broke and homeless and only surviving on the generosity of strangers and his local pastor, who begged for the public’s assistance. However, the artiste was turned away from local philanthropist Donna Gowe, who claimed that the artiste was disrespectful and should seek out the women he was with at the heights of success.

The life and Death of Gully Bop's Tooth: A Chew Story! – Life of a JamaicanThose women are Shaun Controlla and Amari. While the latter disrespected Bop, Shauna was more sympathetic as she became emotional while asking the public to assist Bop. Shauna is accused of stealing money from the artiste and having his royalties entirely in her name. She has never refuted the allegations.

On social media, many fans mourned the artiste.

“Maths and me English and me Biology, Dem cyaa tek me pon me technology, How dem fi hol me pon my Geography, Wickedest ting pon Social Studies, Come to school work yuh nuh mad like a me – The Bop of the Gully. RIP to Gully Bop,” one fan said while quoting some of the dancehall artist’s lyrics.

Gullybop Ready To Return To The Spotlight - YARDHYPE“Gully bop got his moment and he made the most of it,” another person said. Another fan said, “Sigh jah know RIP Gully Bop.” One fan said, “Gully Bop dropping out wasn’t what I expected to be added to the 2023 calendar but dang.”

Gully Bop is best known for songs like “Body Specialist,” “Who She Want?” “Hope and Pray,” “Kill Dem With Style,” and “Street Wise.”

Source: Dancehall Artist Gully Bop Dead At Age 59 – Urban Islandz

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