Jada Kingdom Says Depression Contributed To Her Weight Loss Last Year

Jada Kingdom Follows 'E-Syde Queen' Mixtape With New Single 'Budum' –  Rolling StoneWhile several internet users speculated about the secret to Jada Kingdom’s noticeable weight loss last year, the Win singjay was battling depression. This, she now reveals, was behind her body transformation.

“Depression created this skinny era!” Kingdom wrote while sharing throwback photos on her Instagram Story on Monday.

The reflections followed a boomerang video of her current physique, which oozes the natural thick-girl aesthetic fans are more used to. By all indications, she loves the look.

Photos of Jada Kingdom’s weight loss in 2022

“I wanna marry myself,” she wrote in another body-appreciation post. “I wish I could impregnate myself #naturalbarbie.”

Her image came up in a post-performance interview at Reggae Sumfest last month, where she was asked about her workout regime.

“I barely workout…but I would say I eat clean – I try,” she dished. “But I do jogging sometimes in the mornings.”

Jada Kingdom at Reggae Sumfest 2023

The GPP artist has tussled with her weight because of mental health challenges. Kingdom, who had previously shared her bipolar diagnosis, relocated to The States in 2021 which was when fans first highlighted a difference in her appearance. The prominent allegation was that cocaine use was behind her slimmed physique, particularly after she posted some hazy photos.

The photos that triggered drug abuse rumours about Jada Kingdom in 2021

She ultimately addressed the vile claims in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“If losing all that weight means I’m sniffing coke then call me coke head Twinkle caz I LOVE IT HERE! 💃🏽☺️neva been this happy,” she said. “#2yearsoffighting I worked hard for this. Living with bipolar depression opened my eyes to so much and I jus wanna say… F*k yu! Agen & agen, tf unu feel like.”

She closed off with the hashtag ‘#CokeheadTwinkle’, but seemingly regretted entertaining the rumours in a follow-up livestream.

“The coke ting need fi stop, mi don’t like it,” she said. “Say anything else, call me anything else, but me don’t like dah talk deh. This is my image. This is my reputation… I’m drinking, I’m smoking, I’m 22 living my f**king life. You see couple pictures of me getting lit, you waan talk bout coke.”

“When me did have on more weight and stressed out and depressed and did a go through mi thing…nobody never business bout me, so, why dem waan business bout me now? The time when mi did fi a tek coke, mi never did a tek it. Weh mi a tek it now fah when life a gwaan?”

The drug abuse rumors resurfaced last year, which she entertained with much sarcasm on Instagram Live, while showing photos of her weight journey.

Jada Kingdom

“Mi nyam coke, mi shit coke, mi sniff coke, mi shit coke, mi vomit coke, mi faat coke, mi piss coke – a just mi dat…”

Kingdom has always defended having a natural body, adding that she comes from a big-boned, “shape good” family. Aware that her genes make her prone to pounds, she’s been active since high school.

“I used to play netball, mi used to deh pon cheerleading team.. Mi used to dance…mi did likkle more active… I have a strong f**king core… Fat just used to go to my boobs, my ass and my thighs, so, listen to me, it has been literally three years of back and forth with this weight.”

She’s not achieved her body goals independently, previously shouting out ex-boo Verse Simmonds for helping to improve her diet and lifestyle.

Verse Simmonds and Jada Kingdom

The two met in 2018 through an A&R, and seemingly split in 2021 when she removed a tattoo bearing his name. Nonetheless, the pair remain connected as the producer forms part of her team and occasionally sings her praises on social media.

Source: Jada Kingdom Says Depression Contributed To Her Weight Loss Last Year – DancehallMag

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