Selector Shukkle Bus Makes $1.1 Mil In 30 Mins From Money Pull-Ups

shukkle bus 1 - IrieFmIrieFmSelector Shukkle Bus is confirming talks that he made 1.1 million Jamaican dollars in one night from money pull-ups.

In a video making the rounds across social media platforms, the popular selector can be seen juggling at a party while patrons shell out large sums of cash on the turntable to Masicka’s ‘Different Type’.

Shukkle Bus REVEALS WHY Selectors Don't Play 'Gyal' Songs Anymore & How  They're "Corrupt" - YouTubeThe West Kingston native said it happened right after the place reopened following the COVID-19 pandemic. In a Music News exclusive, Shukkle Bus detailed how he made the $1.1 mil during his 30 minutes set.

Money pull-ups involves DJs opting to take money to replay songs at events. This practice has sparked an ongoing conversation that some selectors allow their love of money and greed to mar the entertainment value at events.

Source: Selector Shukkle Bus makes $1.1 mil in 30 mins from money pull-ups – IrieFmIrieFm

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