Valiant Congratulates Kabaka Pyramid On His Recent Grammy Win And Addresses ‘Rasta’ Controversy

KABAKA PYRAMID AND VALIANT AT ODDS OVER RASTA TRACK - YouTubeMan of the moment, Valiant, appears to be living up to his seemingly controversial lyrics “no beef, no pasa,” as the dancehall sensation paid homage to reggae musician Kabaka Pyramid in a recent interview with local radio station Zip 103fm.

The St Mary hitmaker also addresses the controversy surrounding his Rasta song.

During the interview carried out by the radio station, the female interviewer asked Valiant about Kabaka Pyramid’s feelings about the song and his recent comments aimed at the controversial hit track.

In response, Valiant firstly hailed Kabaka for his Grammy win and then explained to the interviewer the meaning behind the song by stating, ”fi me now, nuff people nuh really understand wordplay and certain people nuh understand certain song you see it, me never disrespect no Rasta, me nah disrespect, I don’t think Rasta is our culture, but Rasta a the way of life fi we, weh most Jamaican live.”

Valiant continued his explanation of his lyrics and what they meant, stating, ”the whole title a di song, from you, hear the song a start, you hear dog dem a chop pa pa, what his he saying, a wordplay, so man a live like Rasta no beef no pasa, never say pasta but you ago expect the word pasta because me seh Rasta, you know and dung inna song u done know me nuh seh nutting bout no Rasta, we just use that fi ketch dem first.”

Kabaka Pyramid Has 'Beef And Passa' Over Valiant's New Song 'Rasta' -  DancehallMagBased on the interviewer’s response to Valiant explanation, she clearly understood what the entertainer meant by his Rasta reference in the song. Hopefully, dancehall/reggae fans will garner the same clarity from the North Carolina artiste’s explanation and lyrics breakdown in his interview.

See the video below to listen to Valiant’s response:

Source: Valiant Congratulates Kabaka Pyramid on his Recent Grammy Win as he Addresses ‘Rasta’ Controversy – YARDHYPE

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