Buju Banton Says Industry Professionals In Jamaica Need To Relearn The Art Of Music

Buju Banton Remembers Meeting Bob Marley In Jamaica - EssenceLamenting that the local music landscape has undergone some drastic changes since he began his journey as an artiste, Grammy-winning artiste Buju Banton has called on industry professionals to re-learn the intricacies of music.

Buju Banton Sidesteps Question About Selling His Music Catalog -  DancehallMagQuestioning whether the new generation of music connoisseurs understand the foundation of the art form, Banton expressed that while he’s not lashing out at the modern music methods, he believes the industry could benefit immensely from the old school modus operandi.

“Since I’ve been home since 2019, I’ve heard so many songs, but where are they now?” he questioned. “We don’t remember them and it wasn’t like that. Music is the only thing that’s not supposed to die. So when it comes to a point where the music is dying, you have got to really re-evaluate what you are doing.”

Buju Banton 'Nuh Trust Phone', Debuts New Style & Flow - The Tropixs“I come from a place where studio was few and far between to a time now where a guy have a laptop under his arm and he is a producer. I am not knocking it, but do you know what is key? Do you know what is frequency? Do you know all these things that we were forced to understand?” Buju questioned.

Source: Buju Banton says some artistes need to relearn the art of music – Jamaica Observer

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