Koffee Doing It The Right Way, Staging Of Her ‘Haffi Make It’ School Tour

Koffee on Twitter: "Haffi Make It School Tour II ✨ #haffimakeit https://t.co/lcodOpRHvZ" / TwitterGrammy-award-winning Koffee has proven time and again that she is devoted to positive vibes and energy. That’s just what she’s hoping to spread with the 2022 staging of her Haffi Make It school tour.

The “Gifted” artist spoke with the Observer and shared that she is aiming to both inspire and empower the youth who she will perform for. The tour is expected to begin tomorrow, September 14, at the Lewisburgh Primary and Marborough Primary schools in St Mary.

Koffee emphasized that the theme of the series is “Rise Up Against Bullying.” It’s a message she seeks to ensure will be imparted to the young and impressionable minds she will touch. This is the second in the series, as the first one was back in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Koffee Pulls Up Once Again with New Collab for Gran Turismo 7 Soundtrack - CNW NetworkDrawing on her experience from that first tour which mainly focused on high school students, she said that this time around, they decided to focus on even younger children. She explained that this year the team felt like they needed to capture students’ attention at an early age, especially since the message focuses on bullying.

Koffee hope that she can inspire the next generation to take action against bullying and to help them realize that there are other paths in life besides violence.

This time, the “Rapture” artist has partnered with Tammi Chang, who has many titles to her name, including VP, Foundation and Membership Chair of Rotary Club (Ocho Rios East), artiste manager, and CEO of LEVELS Management.

From Bob Marley to Koffee: vibe out with our new #stayhome reggae playlistKoffee has always expressed her earnest desire to give back to her age group and young people in general, and she intends to come good on her previous promises. This year the focus is on helping children cope with various issues like cyber-bullying, in-person conflicts, and conflict resolution.

Chang, who also spoke with the publication, said that she and her team were very excited to be back with another staging of the Haffi Make It School Tour.

“This year’s theme is ‘Rise Up Against Bullying’ and it’s not only a timely topic but also one that the team and I are extremely passionate about. We are aiming to equip students with the tools they need to cope with and diffuse instances of bullying, so they are able to focus on unlocking their true potential,” she added.

Besides the lure of Koffee on stage, this year’s tour will also feature motivational talks from key persons within the anti-bullying fraternity.

KOFFEE AT ANTIGUA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL - YouTubeChang also explained that one of the main topics is to urge victims and/or perpetrators to seek counsel from their guidance counseling department. As well as how to practice conflict resolution approaches that are coherent with school values. Another issue that the tour will give priority to is helping students learn how they can take action if they or someone they know is being bullied.

The “West Indies” singer will also be joined by singer Genrus, who incidentally was the opening act on her recent Gifted Tour.

Even with the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album, and global popularity, Koffee has continued to show that she truly cares about youth development and is putting her resources and effort into the noble cause.

Source: Koffee Returns With Anti-Bullying School Tour – Urban Islandz

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