Stop The Press! Spice Previews Her Later Song And Video “Tape Measure”, Millions Of Views In Less Than 24 Hours

Yesterday at around 5:45 pm, Spice, the newly appointed Queen of Dancehall, posted a tweet captioned, “here wondering if I should drop this exclusive snippet of my New music video “TAPE MEASURE ” from my Album #Emancipated 📏.”

Her fans responded to her message, one stating, “ah long time yuh fi drop it and stop post one bag ah tape measure pon IG,” while another excited fan said, “drop it already queen I been seeing tape measures everywhere nowwww.” To the flurry of yeses from her fans in her Twitter comment section, Spice finally posted a snippet of the upcoming music video as a teaser three hours later.

To the surprise of many, the short teaser was an uncut version that caused a social media uproar. In the video Spice (born Grace Hamilton) can be seen surveying a tall black Rastafarian with his pants down. She sported a tape measure that she used to measure the size of his penis, which was surrounded by a cock ring. Most of the commentary by her female fanbase (known as Bestie) was about the man’s genital size, however, there was still plenty surrounding the appearance of the Caucasian man in the video. Someone commented “ma’am… do I need to call immigration! 💀,” while another stated, “respectfully we the ppl do not care 😂, keep the pink meat but if it’s tan …”

Spice’s post had many fans stating that YouTube would not allow an uncut video to be posted on their platform, but others defended the artiste by remarking that this was just a teaser and the released video is sure to be censored.

Spice Tape Measure Video – Spice Twitter Tape Leaked Explained » NewsWail  Explored ▻ NewsWailThe post itself garnered over 3,700 retweets and counting and over 18.8k likes at present. Following the frenzy, Spice posted the link to the video premiere which is scheduled for Friday, August 26 at 8:00 AM. Emancipated has been delayed before, however, as the official release date has been broadcasted prior as August 19. It will be the follow-up to her debut album 10 which was released in August of 2021, debuting on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart at number six.

Source: Spice Drops Raunchy Snippet With “Tape Measure” – Watch Video – YARDHYPE

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