“Emancipated” The Title Of The Latest Spice Album, Dropping In A Couple Weeks

Queen Of Dancehall Spice Says Her Successor Will Be The Artist Who's  "Consistent And True" - DancehallMagAfter the successful release of her first and long-awaited album ’10’, Spice will be releasing her second album entitled ‘Emancipated’ in just a few weeks on August 19.

In a celebratory Emancipation day Instagram post on Monday, Spice posted an image of hands broken free of their shackles, along with this message for fans: “Happy Emancipation day Jamaica. I love you differently inna real life. My Album call Emancipated drops on August 19th …..Still can’t believe I’m finally Free.”

‘Emancipated’ comes a little over a year after the artiste’s debut studio album ’10’, a stark difference in release time compared to 10’s originally planned release date in the early 2000s. 10’s many delays over the years were due to the continued disagreements between Spice and VP records who continuously delayed its release.

Spice And Other Love & Hip Hop Stars Joined Protesters In Atlanta - Urban  IslandzThe continued friction between both ultimately led to Spice taking legal action against the record label in 2018. Still unable to release the album, Spice chose to self-release her mixtape ‘Captured’, and used the title track to express exactly how she felt about the label.

10, was finally released on August 6, 2021, and earned the artiste her first Grammy nomination.

Source: Spice’s Second Album “Emancipated” Dropping This Month – YARDHYPE

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