Teejay Denies Reports That He Was Box On Stage Recently

Dancehall Artist Teejay and Deadline Recordz Aim To Motivate and InspireTeejay has stepped forward to address a video making the rounds online of an alleged fight he was involved in.

The dancehall singjay denies that he was involved in a brawl at strip club Taboo last week. On Twitter, a video has gone viral with persons claiming that Teejay was seen in a video kicking a man while dancehall artist Jahshii was seen performing in the background.

The 30-second video was initially pointed at Jahshii, who was performing live, while two men were seen wrangling on what looked like the stage in the middle of the club. A man in a brown t-shirt appears to be removed by security personnel wearing a white t-shirt, but the two men appear to be pushed into each other as they fall off the stage, and the brown t-shirt guy proceeds to throw a bottle at the singer, who fires kicks.

The person purported to be Teejay is seen wearing orange pants and a matching shirt.

Teejay Says Dealing With Death And Depression Led To His “Rebirth” As An  Artist - DancehallMagTeejay has, however, denied that he was involved in any club fight.

“Me a big big artist weh mi would go stage go fight man fa? And mi have how much friend deh par wid. Mi nuh war bredda, a money time, we a big man now dawg. Some man all a go inna club and fling fling bottle and a fight fight like oonu a eediat bredda and oonu see Jashii a work dawg,” the singer said.

Jahshii Lauded For Powerful Performance Repping Dancehall Freshman Artistes  - Urban Islandz“After mi bumbo***t TV bruk somebody a come ask me bout if a me did a fight a Taboo. Oonu a eediat, which bwoy can box mi in my face my yute? Big artist like me weh mi a go pan stage go war war man fa? Some people from Mobay too oonu know oonu self, always a look some eediat hype off me like oonu can punk me…all mi fans oonu suppose to know say anuh mi dat man,” the singer added.

Meanwhile, Teejay joked that Taboo’s owner Corey Todd will now have to book him for the club since the venue was getting attention as news spread that “bwoy buss up mi cute face weh the gal dem love.”

Source: Teejay Addresses Reports He Was Box On Stage During Jahshii Performance At Taboo – Urban Islandz

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